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Glimpses of March 1st OSHO Intensive in Brampton

3 March 2015 No Comment
Beloved Friends,
 Thank for everyone that attended last Sunday’s meditation retreat ::) !


Here are the pictures. Also, for any music downloads for Osho’s meditations please visit click here.


Rest of the Pictures are Here:)

OSHO’s Insight into Meditation:
The meditation that I teach is so simple, so scientific, that if a hundred people take to it, seventy of them are going to make it. There is no condition that you are qualified to do it; that you do it is all that is needed. Besides, you are not required to owe allegiance to any religion, any scripture, or to have faith and belief as a pre-condition to meditation.- OSHO


About OSHO Madhuban

OSHO Madhuban was officially created in 2007 and established to share the revolutionary insights and meditations of the enlightened mystic OSHO. The center is run out of Brampton and holds a weekly meditation program (separate location from the full day workshop listed above).

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