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A Dynamic and THRILLING day of Meditation…Glimpses of the Osho Winter Festival in March

20 March 2011 No Comment

Beloved Friends,

The recent OSHO Active Meditation Workshop held in Toronto was bursting with energy in the vibrant new space within the Rhythm n Motion Dance Studios!  Many new faces were present in this event and the word about the workshop is definately growing!  Anshu, a recent newbee, was looking for an OSHO meditation group for a long time and was extremely happy to have found us–he says “this event was absolutely amazing and exactly what I was looking for”

The day began with OSHO Dynamic Meditation which definately evoked alot of energy and provided a raw moment of pure silence.  During the cathartic stage, a Yoga group that was practising upstairs, lost their balance during one of their postures! I offered a free class of Dynamic Meditation for their entire group for next time!!

During the afternoon an OSHO Book of Secrets Meditation was practised (Aum Chanting), and the depth of the meditation was penetrating.  Ofcourse there was tons of celebration in between because there’s nothing better then meditation with celebration–an overwhelming drunkeness of energy.

There was also space to share experiences and discuss questions with group feedback. The paradox of such a space is that not all communication needs to be through words–silence can be just as meaningful.

The rest of the pictures are here: (Click on Link)

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