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On January 19th 1990 OSHO left his body- however His message and energy is very much ALIVE. This journey on January 21st 2018 will allow us to experience this energy field together- so I look forward to seeing you there.

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The joy and transformation I’ve seen when people let go of their illusive shackles is what these meditation intensives are all about. Facilitating this is a magical experience; witnessing the group energy grow to a point where the intangible becomes tangible. The Buddha-field of all enlightened masters comes alive to help each and every thirsty soul delve deeper. Come, experiment, be part of the celebration and drink to your heart’s content.

It is a musical meditative journey – see you on Sunday November 26th in Brampton.

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OSHO says ” A meditator needs no personal guidance. A meditator, on the contrary, needs only one thing: the atmosphere of meditation. He needs other meditators: he needs to be surrounded by other meditators.” This has also been my experience. The atmosphere and energy field that is created with other meditators in a dedicated space allows an individual to go very deep.

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This Sunday October 15th there will be no OSHO meditation event, however, the weekly schedule continues the following week, see details below :

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This up-coming Sunday (October 1st, 2017), I will be hosting a 3 hour meditation event at my space, OSHO Madhuban Meditation Center.